What the clients are saying

“Megan is approachable and relatable, making working with her something clients can look forward to. A big factor in my success is creating an environment that supports  my goals, which I have been able to do thanks to the knowledge and support from Megan. She takes the time to ask questions about my lifestyle so that she can make recommendations that work with my life to incorporate healthy habits in a sustainable way. She educates and guides without judgement, while encouraging the accomplishments and providing feedback to help overcome obstacles (seriously, follow her on Instagram for fun and yummy tips!) Not only have I learned so much from her, but she has inspired me to continue educating myself and looking for healthier ways to make my life healthier!”

-Samantha M, 28

I’m so grateful for Megan’s guidance. Before, I was at a loss when implementing regimes – quitting and not seeing results. Good habits, especially around nutrition, are not the easiest to form. I realized the problem wasn’t me – it was the lack of proper tools, sound advice, and support along the way. After working with Megan, she was able to tailor my most pressing health concerns into actionable steps and it has course-corrected me in my health journey. I feel bigger shifts, both body and mind, from her coaching than ever before when trying it alone. For me, this is a strategy that simply worked.” 

-Nikki M, 26