Menu Consulting

I can help your restaurant stay on-top of the current health trends, which will not only impress your customers, but help your restaurant be seen as innovative, unique, and empathetic in your field.

I am so excited to now offer restaurant nutrition and menu consulting services. This is one of my favorite services that I offer because my love for nutrition began when I started experimenting with different flavors to create unique dishes and recipes of my own.  Today, there is so much pressure for restaurant owners to accommodate to the ever-changing guest requests while dining out. It can be overwhelming with so many trending diets on the market – it’s hard to know which one appeals to your restaurant’s demographic. That’s why my approach is to create wholesome and sustainable recipes that will appeal to your consumer base for longer than what’s trending.  When you invest in a health coach to assist with menu and recipe creation you’ll be able to offer a variety of healthy options, while still catering to common dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, paleo, etc.), without sacrificing taste. It will allow your organization to fulfill dietary needs and stay one step ahead of the dynamic consumer demand landscape.

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