Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan Sheley.

I have a passion for feeling my best through holistic approaches in nutrition and self care.

I’ve worked towards creating a sustainable lifestyle for myself and others without being restricted from the foods we all love. I believe that the food we put into our bodies can play a major, if not the biggest, role in our daily energy levels, moods, and beauty from the inside out. After dipping my toes in every major at the University of Minnesota, I landed on Public Health. This allowed me to explore the vast array of classes that are covered under that topic. I found that my nutrition classes were the ones that I was most fond of.  Right out of college, I went into corporate America, working in an office that put no part of my degree to use. Sound familiar?

After working in the corporate world for a few years I took a break and spent 7 months living in Southeast Asia as an English teacher. It was during that time, that I realized how much eating healthy (or unhealthy in this case) was effecting my body and mind. True story, Thailand doesn’t really eat green vegetables. It’s a diet heavy in white rice and meat. My body changed, my mind was fogged, my hair was falling out, I was grabbing any bag of candy I could find because I was having extreme sugar cravings due to the lack of vitamins my body was used to getting, and I was emotionally eating because I was completely out of my comfort zone.  After 7 months of not feeling like myself, I was ready to come home.

I enrolled the week that I got home at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to further study something that has always been a passion of mine, but now something I knew that I could help others feel better about as well. I will assist you in creating your own personalized plan through encouragement, education, inspiration, and support. Together we will create healthy and sustainable behaviors in the areas of nutrition, fitness, weight and stress management so that it will be second-nature.

Think we’d be a good fit for each other? Read about my offerings and let’s kick start your health journey.